Long distance Clean-up healing

Intense Long distance purification healing


*Unique, intense, deep healing to instantely ground you!

– Loose entities around your aura

– Old karma ‘ waste’  will remove itself

– From head into the body and heart

– Energetic chakra waste gets less

– You will be clear in the head and peacefuller instantely!


Long distance healing works immediately- and is very effective in acute moments. For example, when you find yourself in an enormous emotional roller coaster, in a panic, you cannot reach yourself any more, very emotioneal or when you suddenly catch a flu just when you need to move house or need to do something important. When you are bothered by other peoples’ energies and are not able to get rid of it. So everything where you feel not being able to be and stay with yourself.

I started doing long distance healing at a very young age, with special results. Without ever having read this in any book, I figured out how to protect, shield, ground, align the charas, and how to peace in head and heart.

The strange thing is that when I concentrate on the person, I even get to see the room where they are located, and I also often feel how the work area and the home are, or that there are people in that room that drain energy from that person. I see blockades in the energy system, but also purely physical things, I feel as something very simple: ’Completely living in his head by sitting behind Facebook all day’. In short, therefore not in body. My advice could therefore be quite simple, when the cause is simple: ‘More in your heart and less in your head’, I could say: ‘Leave Facebook for a week, and don’t switch on the computer when you don’t have to work, but go outside!’ Sometimes after a long distance healing I see something else simple: that the person has not had a hug for a year, then I send them to a massage parlour. It could also be much deeper, in the energy or even karma (family issues or relationship issues that still stem from previous lives). Or a question of a wrong diet, or a viral infection. An energy leak to one of the parents that never has been disconnected, or friction in your love life. After the ‘direct long distance healing’ it is always possible to do an extensive intake at a later time to deal firmly with everything in the longer term.



What do I do while healing long distance?

With different techniques, symbols that I have been using for thousands of years and certain instruments, I put you completely into your own energy. I take away what is not yours. I place you in your heart.

Then I let go of my energy, and let my instruments act on you for a duration of 6 hours. That day you can just do as you please, but lying on the coach and feeling actually would be even better. But you may also leave your home normally. What we do is ‘purifying’ you, of what at that moment is lying on the top layer. Most people immediately experience a calm in their heads, a feeling of arriving into their bodies, and being grounded. They sometimes feel a strange little ache in their bodies first come ‘to the surface’ and then ebb away. As if I have ‘found’ what is blocking in the body, and then immediately unblock. That is not an unpleasant feeling. The night after the long distance healing most will dream a lot, sometimes about ancient Egypt of Atlantis, or other days of old. These could be past lives that have been blocking you, and those instruments have brought to the surface. During the night you then process these. And they cease to be a blockade.


(An example of what it does with the aura, also when you receive a good healing!)


Review well-known writer and therapist who received the healing

“In a week when I felt very tired, Leda did a long distance healing for me. She lives quite far away from me.

Long distance healing therefore.

I gave my permission by telephone that she was allowed to treat me. She made a note of my birth date and full first and last name.

This permission and peronal coorinates she needed to tune herself to me well and to be allowed to heal me.

A healing of your energy field/aura only happens when you think it’s okay that a healer starts working on your energy system.

Just before Leda started her healing, I received a Whatsapp from her so I knew exactly when she ‘was working on me’.

From 3 in the afternoon until 9 in the evening Leda used her healing energy and instruments for me. Leda told me afterwards that she had to cough a lot and she perceived dark grey energy that was hanging around near my solar plexus and near my lungs. That was correct, because I was very tired (solar plexus stands for power/that was blocked) and I had bad fits of coughing and could hardly breathe.

In the meantime, I could just do my work. The following night I slept very deeply and dreamt intensely. Amongst others about leftover past lives, Egyptian scarabees and sauna doors that I had to pass through (purification/cleaning).

The day after Leda’s treatment, I felt more energetic and more fit than I had felt in weeks. My energy field now feels lighter and cleaner.

I thought it was a very successful healing.

A friend of mine underwent a same sort of healing with Leda. He had a very bad migraine one day and was lying sick in bed at home. Leda treated him from a distance. After an hour or two he ws doing so well that he got up again to work. He had the feeling, during her healing, that he was a bit wobbly. This turned out to be connected to aligning his chakra points.”




In short: I can highly recommend Leda’s long distance healing. Not only for problems in the here-and-now (such as migraine/fatigue) but also to better balance past lives.

Kind regards,

Marianne Notschaele-den Boer

Writer and therapist”




* You send us an email with main problems in the body and how you are feeling

* You get time and place when the healings starts

* This healing is taking us a whole evenening, and works through in the night

* The next day you will get a short report

* You write us a week later how you are feeling, and what you are experiencing


This is a massive clean-up of karma, chakra’s, energy, entitities, lines of other people, and from the ‘ head’  into the ‘ heart’. It is a unique and intense purification and grounding healing!


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