Love in the New Era

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In the new era, relationships will be based on the compatibility of souls and this will be felt through the same magnetism, the same spiritual and emotional qualities that each one will have. These encounters happen because they have the same spiritual ideal, which we call mission, and then they realize that they like the same topics, they feel immensely happy together, they have a good mood and there are no feelings of anger, hatred or resentment between them.

These souls feel that they will develop together and seek to obtain a cultural and intellectual elevation, because they know that they are united by a higher consciousness of love. In these relationships there is dialogue, respect and plans for the future, intuition and pure desire, harmony of spirit, intellect and achievements. Everything between these souls is very intense and through physical contact they achieve karmic liberation and spiritual evolution. They are so close that they have the same feeling about life, but each with their own personality, and they love each other as they really are.

They are companions, they protect each other, but they do not try to fix or control the other’s way of life, they only help to resolve their most intimate conflicts, because they are saddened by the other’s sadness. They are true friends and feel happy when they are together, creating a private world, where nothing outside can interfere or separate them. These unions are emerging to serve the planet in deep harmony, and your souls and energies will be supported by the balance between yin and yang, in order to create a pathway to the Higher Dimensions.

This perfect balance will be reflected in the couple’s sexual unions that will be based on the spirit, in a pleasant and joyful way, where they will learn to use sexuality as a way to stay young and healthy. Sex will once again be sacred and the secrets of sexual alchemy will return to everyone.

On the New Earth, all soul-bound couples will have the opportunity to experience a sacred marriage, where they will learn to unite their energies to become one, embodying God and Goddess in the manifestation of Divine Love and bringing light that rises in the light and bringing the light to planet Earth.
Author Unknown
Love and Light,

Michelle Price