Self-love, intuition, Awareness and Earthly depression

It seems as I have been through a long process of awakening. Spiritual awakening and an earthly ‘ depression’, as I call it. I have been in relationships with many karma-soulmates, who were mirror after mirror. Past Life- regression-healings, after big heartbreaks. It was Falling down and stand up. Sometimes living from hour to hour.

When your greatest love dies

My father’s death has been my biggest heart-break, and also his nine months of illness, where I was the only one guiding him and taking care of him. We travelled together to the point, we had the talk about ‘ What are we going to do now, when you ‘ pass away’, because you are My world’. We made the deal, ‘ he would be my guide’, as soon as he left his body. He kept his promise, he is always on my side. I knew, before his death, twelve months before, when he was ‘ super healthy’, he was going to die. I had a dream, saying: Youre father is going to die within one year, go to see him, and take care of him, at once. And finish your karma, and prepare him for his death’. As I was only twenty nine years old, and alone. I took this task. I said a big ‘ Yes’. I packed my stuff, and went to his house. And I have been 24/7 on his side. As I knew, my ‘ paranormal gifts’, were 100% accurate. And yes, he got severe brain strokes within a weak. Without any ‘ cause’. I called docters, the hospital, I called family and friends, On time. I have speeddialed everyone I cold think off, to save my father’s life.: No one, I repeat, NO one has listened to my emergency calls, my father was dying. Not even ‘ a brother and sister, or his best friends’. The doctor said ‘ I was overly concerned- And that my father had ‘ nothing”, and the hospital did not even send an ambulance. I have been alone, with my father, in his house for nine months. We have talked about ‘ the other dimensions’, and our soulmate-ship. We have had nine months of pure love, and only love. Crying and holding each other. I have been healing him, teached him meditations, I have giving him massages, and I have talked about m karma- And how we can make our bound stronger, with my father as my guide in the future. I have learned, that my intuition and paranormal gifts are so accurate, that even doctors, and family, and nurses, do not listen to me, and even let my father die. I have stayed strong, on my own, and I have packed my stuff and did not leave his side as long as necessary. On my own. Because I believe my intuition. And this was the thoughst test, to be left alone by everyone. My Father, who helped his whole life, people who were sick and depressed, said also: ‘ Nobody will be there, even when I have helped so many people. Only you are here now’. – That is true love’.

Yes, life has been hard and realistic. As a guru, teacher and helper of hundred thousands of people (many for free)- Nobody will be there, when you are ill or dying. Not even my relatives and his friends. I learned love is IN the heart, not even DNA. And that you can only see how someone loves you, when you are rocked bottem down.

And mostly, those are not people, having any relationship with you, or you have helped. Those are only people, in their heart.


As also with having the diease of lyme (which no one can ‘ see’). It is one of the most destructive diseases a human can have. I have not been able to walk of even go to a supermarket for four years, and mostly people thought I was insane being so tired, or not able to even ‘ walk’. It is amazing how people act, react, when you do not look ill, but you feel like dying. Only those, centered in the heart, felt what I was going through. And yet again, those were not relatives or lovers. Those were only people, with a heart…. And those were not many. I sticked again, to my intuition and paranormal feelings, and after ten years, I completely healed myself in just a few months, without any help from anyone. I decided to do it alone, with all my own talents. And to Stop, even focusing on insane people, just not even ‘ want to understand’.

We have traveled Europe, to any docters and alternative healer, no one was able to track down my Lyme illness. They just said ; ‘ You will probably die, we do not know what you have’. ‘ Or they just subscribe ‘Pills’.  I healed my broken heart time after time, from big losses in Love and majore family-pain (As my connection with my DNA-family is one with many pains)-

I got the lesson to let go. I learned family is in soul- and heart, not in DNA. The earthly family is chosen to brings lessons, we will ‘ remember’  the rest of your life- Maybe kick soms Karma butt. But our true ‘ family’  is in heart & soul. Soulmates. I have a ‘huge family’ now .

Soulmates crossing your path that cheat and hurt: It was just ONE big lesson in learning to love myself. And how to love unconditionally, my father, who is my guide on the other side. I am able to ‘ grasp’ any other dimension, other then 3D, because I needed to ‘ survive’ the earth and what happened. If severe ‘pain’, like almost dying by lyme disease, and ‘ radiation-pains for 3 years 24/7 since Wifi’. Why does someone needs these lessons? Self-love. Is just one test, on, how to survive. Love, power, love, power. I am the woman I am now, to myself and towards others, because of these ‘ situations’. I think all is one test, in self-love.

Earth depression

The earth-depression was about politics, the media, how humans treat each other (lying, greed, money, cheating, ego etc), and how companies rule the world. I needed to get ‘ this clear’, to ‘ see’, and fully ‘ accept’. Maybe everyone has the same process on planet Earth. I embrace all the dark in the world- and the light. There is no light without dark. I have seen now, many people do not want to see, what I see, do not want to hear truth, people who are rather sick then healthy.

Electro magnetic fields, and the incredible damage Wifi and antenna’s do to our body, aura, energy-system, ecosystem, trees and animals: I predict this is the number one cause of human illnesses, and the future number one reason of extinction of life on this planet. Radiation is harming every life form on this planet. I have warned governments, media, and humans. I have warned organisations, human rights organisations, scientists, doctors and ill people. I have written and published articles to warn all citizens. I know this is happening, and I have pain everyday, that humans do this to each other (and governments and companies to humans). As I learned again: I have done my best, I have listened to my gut-feeling, I have done my tasks, I have used my skills & paranormal gifts to warn humans. To be at service to the world. If humans do not want to ‘ feel’  and ‘ see’, again, something they cannot see with their ‘ bare eye’, they will not ‘ believe it’. Even when they must sit very ill, in their home. People need to learn about intuition, and gut-feeling again, as all of my examples are about ‘ gut-feeling’. My biggest lessons were: even when the whole world says you are insane or crazy, it does not matter. I listen to my intuition. And this is 200% accurate. Always. The whole world can crash, I warned. I have loved them, and I love myself. I think this is, what we all need to get aware of.

Choose who you want to be in the Now

It is their choice, and it is my choice to live with people who do feel and see the same as I do. There is a choice. So I will be moving to a radiation-free house soon, I hope! It is my free choice. I am the lightwarrior, I am now, today, due to all the pain and illness, I have been through. I am the loving coach,writer, healer or transformator (name a label)- I am today- Due to these losses. I have asked for these lessons myself, and I hope with this piece of writing, will remember everyone, that we all asked for these lessons ourselves… To learn to ‘ see’ dark and light, and that there is a choice. I also choose for a loving partner, and loving friends. He will come, as I want him to come into my life. I want to attract love & light, as I seen so much darkness. Embrace, and let everyone walk the path they want to walk…. It is their choice, and not yours to decide. I am 50% light and 50% dark, as everyone. I am IMperfect, and Perfect, all in one. I embrace all these aspects, and emerge them into one. And I choose to stand in truth, love , light and wisdom. And feed the inner child, everyday with a smile. And if not, that’s okay too!


Piece of a Life-story By Leda,



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