New Energy Predictions for 2021!

‘Just as with a birthing process, you go through this very narrow space, this tunnel of darkness and pressure and change and really intense feelings, to reach to the light. So you could say: to get to the light, to the birth, you need this process. It’s very important to acknowledge that; everything that happens in the world and in your personal life is meant to be. It’s part of this process of transformation. There is nothing wrong with it, although it feels very critical, uncomfortable, dark maybe.
The challenge is to surrender to this process. Don’t resist it, don’t make it wrong, don’t make it negative, even if it looks negative on the outside, it isn’t; it’s part of the birthing process. For the light to be born, you need a lot of darkness. You need a lot of crises, in a way, to wake up. It helps the process of waking up.
Instead of projecting this darkness outside of you, making others the enemy, you have to carry this darkness inside, you have to nourish it, even embrace it. Because it is a very important part of your process of development. It’s the chrysalis; before the butterfly becomes a butterfly it needs to have this struggle, this pressure to come out and have full wings. It can even be a feeling of dying.
Basically what we are going through is a process of death and rebirth. The two – planet ànd humanity, because they are one system – are connected, you are the children of Mother Earth, and you go through the same process of letting go of an old world, an old paradigm. The old astrological era of Pisces is ending, and a new astrological cycle is starting: the Era of Aquarius. The date that is important in this, is the 21st of December, which is heralding a point of change. This is where the birth starts to begin.
Now what is important is that, during all these contractions and crises, you need to focus on the light, you need to focus on what comes after, focus on the soul.
The future is inside of you. It is you, it is who you are, it is yourself expressing itself in its full potential. You could say that as humanity you are going through this process of becoming adults. You’ve been playing around – and in this time of Pisces that causes a lot of suffering. But when you become more grown-up, you leave that suffering of growing into an adult behind you and you become more mature. You will still have your challenges and the things you have to face, and it will bring new challenges into your lives, but you will have another perspective. You won’t for instance fight authorities so much. Because fighting authorities is like fighting your father and your mum when you are a teenager. You don’t like the authorities, so you start to rebel. But when you are grown-up yourself, you become your own authority. You take your own sovereignty.
This brings with it a lot of freedom and a lot of choices: you can do whatever you want, the world is open for you. But it brings a lot of responsabilities for your choices. What are you going to do, what is your contribution, what is your soul mission, your soul work? So focuss on that. Instead of focussing on the negative, which will be there, you focuss on what your contribution is, and your power. Which includes your vulnerability and your pain and all the things that make you human.
A third point during this process is that you need each other. You cannot do this on your own. It is not an individual process. In former times there were avatars who woke up, but they were on their own. But now it’s like a collective awakening. What helps in the collective awakening is that you all become part of this christ consciousness, that you need each other, that you connect with each other, find your soul group, find the group that you feel comfortable with, that you can work with. Because the things that you will put out into the world will be group efforts. You will all take your personal responsability, but you also have a group mission and a group responsability. Part of connecting to a group is to have fun, to enjoy the process, to feel comfortable, to feel at home with each other, to take things not too seriously. Because if you make things too serious, you become fanatical, or negative.
So be gentle with yourself and with others. And enjoy the process of creating. It is like a dance, it’s like making music together, or making love together, you need the other. You need the co-creative forces of all the different colours, all the different races, all the different tastes and flavors that are alive in this world. Nothing is excluded.
That brings us to this fourth point that is of major importance: that you start to realize you’re all part of one human family. We can’t stress this enough. Even if you’re coming from different cultures, different religions, different races, you’re all part of the same collective, the same human being, it’s one being. Maybe this is the greatest awakening of all in this time, that you start to realize you can only survive with each other, with everyone – or not at all. You will start fighting each other.
Whenever you have an image of an enemy or something that is opposing you, connect to it, because it is part of you. It’s not separate from you. Your enemy is a mirror. If you can realize that, you can resolve all duality, all things that hinder you. Because that is where your growth is; your enemy is your point of growth: so if you can, move towards your enemy, connect to your enemy, open up your heart to your enemy.
One of the things in which this is very clear, is the world wide battle or struggle between islam, christianity and judaism. There have been so many wars coming out of this enemy image – that or islam is the enemy of the western world, or the other way around, or the jewish people were the enemy, or any dark image that you can imagine. But basically these three religions are three brothers from the same father, father Abraham, and mother Sarah and mother Hagar. So realize that they are three from the same source, three brothers.
And that brings me to the fifth point in this time – that is that we need the feminine. Apart from these patriarchal religions, this patriarchal science, patriarchal politics, patriarchal economics, we need the feminine. The feminine is the birthing part, is that power that we need to be changeing into this butterflies. Because without the feminine, we will destroy ourselves, the masculine will only point towards destruction. If we go on on the path of scientific and technological development, we will create a disaster, because it is out of balance.
We need the feminine to balance the masculine, and to come to this point of inner marriage, connecting both, embracing the two fundamental forces of male and female in the universe. They are not only outside but also inside of us. So if you are more masculine, look towards the feminine, if you are more feminine, search for the masculine, and then you can enjoy the inner marriage. It’s an alchemical concept of union, of sacred union.
And then maybe a last thing for this coming time: don’t forget to laugh, don’t forget to have fun, even in the midst of all chaos or crises or processes, realize that this time is a process to enjoy, to really nourish and savour. Because if you enjoy life in its utmost form, in whatever you go through, even if it is very difficult, you will add life force, vitality to this world, you will add beauty, you will add vigour, strength. There is a lot of power in joy and humour. So before you go to this last step of the 21st of December, the longest night and the shortest day, let go; let go of all the old stuff. Prepare yourself, purify yourself, take a lot of rest and know that something new is coming And before the new is coming, you have to put on beautiful clothes, clean your house, make it beautiful – and await the coming of the new king, the new queen, in the temple of the heart.’
 Ton has many channelings on his website. Contribution by guest-writer Ton van der kroon for the Enlightening media platform. Copyrighted by Ton van der Kroon.