What happens after you die?- QHHTP therapy and regressiontherapy

What is QHHT®?

QHHT® is a powerful tool that is used to access the all-knowing part of ourselves. It was developed by a woman named Dolores Cannon.

For those who may not know of her, Dolores Cannon was the world’s most experienced Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist. For nearly 50 years she developed and perfected her regressive hypnosis technique called QHHT®, “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” and she taught it to hundreds of her students.

Enlightenng media (this website and team) has a certified twenty year experienced regressiontherapist who uses this method You are welcome for a coaching or healing by clicking on ‘contact’and send a message. A session is 1,5 hours long and can be done worldwide by phone, facebook or whatsapp.

QHHT is done only via a specially trained QHHT Practitioner. When the Practitioner puts you under, your subconscious comes to the forefront, while your conscious mind or ‘ego’ takes a step back. When this happens, the Practitioner is able to speak to an individual’s Higher Self. That is the part of you that is all-knowing and connected to Universal Consciousness. When a Practitioner connects to that portion of your soul, you are able to go through the death experience and find answers to just about anything you’d ever want to know.

What Happens After You Die

Moment of Death LanternsWhat happens at the moment of death?

When we chose to incarnate on Earth, we forgot our previous lives and connection to our Higher Selves. When you get put under via QHHT, your conscious mind takes a step back. For this reason, most people do not consciously remember anything that happens while they are under. This is why it is standard practice for all QHHT Practitioners to record their sessions so their clients can review the experience afterward. (Another reason why QHHT should ALWAYS be done in person. Not via Skype or Zoom calls)

While they are under, the Practitioner can still ask the Higher Self what the experience is like. People who have re-experienced the death experience while under hypnosis say they feel cold but experience no pain. They say that leaving their body is a quick and effortless feeling. They almost always report seeing themselves, looking down at their human body. Sometimes they also report seeing deceased loved ones waiting for them. They aren’t imagining things. For them, it’s real.

The light that people often mention seeing, is also real. When people report having a near-death experience, it’s always because they choose not to go towards the light. (That’s right. You always get a choice. If you’re not ready, you simply don’t go.)

When you accept and believe you are ready for death, only then do you enter that light.

What is the white light?

Streaks of Light in Space Post DeathThe white light is a massive, powerful energy source. It is what the Higher Self most often refers to as ‘The Source’. Some may consider this energy to be ‘God’.

When we die, we go through that light. It is when we pass through this immense source of energy, that our silver cord gets severed. This silver energetic cord is what attaches your soul to your physical body while you are alive. Once the cord is severed, we cannot return to the same body.

Life After Death Explained

The Silver Cord and Astral Projection

When we sleep each night, our spirits leave our bodies. Just because our bodies grow tired, doesn’t mean our soul needs to rest! When we sleep, our soul goes off on adventures. We can speak to our soul guides; we can visit our loved ones, and we can even travel to other planets and dimensions. When you have dreams of flying or strange adventures, it wasn’t just made up in your head. It’s likely memory of something you actually experienced!

When we wake up each morning, our silver cord is reeled back in so we can re-enter our body.

The Earth is a school.

A Rose Dying in the WinterIn our time on Earth, we are here to learn and grow. We need to realize we have made mistakes in order to move on and continue learning. We come to Earth to learn about emotions and limitations on this challenging planet. If you die on Earth and have not yet learned anything from your experience, then you will return to Earth in a new body to repeat the same lesson over again, just under slightly different circumstances. This is why, even though bad things may happen to us, as long as we have learned something from them, no matter how small, then we have still made significant progress when it comes to life’s lessons

What’s it like to re-experience a past life

We’ve all lived countless lifetimes. No human soul is ‘new’. You work your way up to obtain a human body. In order to do so, you’ve had past lives as animals, plants, and even inanimate objects.

When a QHHT Practitioner puts you under, you can tap into any past life you’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t matter when, or where this past life took place.

Sometimes when people get put under, they experience what it’s like to be an animal. We’ve had people give us detailed explanations of what it’s like to be an Eagle, soaring high above the clouds, and even what it was like to tend to the chicks in her nest. Could you imagine how awesome that would be to experience?!

Sun Streaks i nNature ForrestWe’ve even had people explain what it’s like to live as a ROCK for a few million years. (They said it was slow haha.) It would seem those crystals you carry around with you really are conscious!

You really never know what you’re going to experience when you go under hypnosis. What you’re going to see, entirely depends on what your Higher Self wants you to see. And what your Higher Self wants you to see, usually has something to do with a life lesson you’re meant to learn.

This is why, if you’re feeling lost or confused about why your life is the way it is, QHHT is often a great way to figure out why!

What happens after death & Where does the soul go after it leaves the body

Colorful Streaks of LightWhat happens when we get to the other side?

Once we have died, passed through the tunnel, and reached the light, we are met with great love. There is no Hell. Hell was a construct created by humans. We are allowed to make mistakes in our human life and we will not be punished for making them. There is no God waiting to judge us. In the end, we judge ourselves. How we go about doing so, is determined by where we go next.

The Astral Planes:

There are infinite planes of existence that make up our reality. Where we go, directly correlates to our current vibrational frequency. Each time we die we go to a new place and inhabit a new body. If we have not learned our lesson, we re-experience those same lessons in a new form.

The Lower Astral Plane:

Burning Candle in the Palm of a HandSometimes souls can end up “earthbound”. This can happen for several reasons. Sometimes they are simply stubborn and don’t want to go to the next place. If you don’t want to leave, you don’t have to. Nobody can make you do something you don’t want to do. Even in death.

Some Souls stay in the Lower Astral Plane because they are confused, or don’t yet realize that they have died. These people are often murder victims, drug addicts, alcoholics, or people who have long suffered due to mental illness. These people will often try to re-enter their bodies, but they cannot. The lower astral plane is a mirror to our own reality. It looks very much like our current 3D reality, which can add to the confusion. (This is why hauntings can occur)

It is important to note that nobody is stuck in the lower astral. Eventually, the soul will realize they can leave the lower astral plane. When that happens, one of their guardian angels (or soul guides, whichever you’d prefer to call them) shows up to take them to the next place. Some of us can have as many as 4 or 5 soul guides. These guides help us throughout our entire lives but also meet us when we are ready to pass. Often it can be a deceased loved one or relative, but ultimately, we are never alone when we pass on.

The Middle Astral Plane:

Woman on Astral PlaneThe Middle Astral Plane is equivalent to what many religions consider ‘Heaven’. It’s extremely beautiful. It’s exactly what YOU imagined Heaven would be like. In most cases, the colors are vibrant and vivid and music fills the air. Your loved ones and pets are there with you. You can choose to stay here if you wish and live however you choose.

The only problem with the Middle Astral is that it does not last forever. Eventually, you will be called forward to review your previous life. There are Elders and Ascended Masters in the Middle Astral Plane, and they help you re-experience your entire previous life all over again. Not just from your perspective, but from the perspective of every person and the living creature that you have ever interacted with.

The Life Review

Headstones in a CemeteryThe “Life Review” portion of the death experience is incredibly objective and can be quite painful to watch. You will experience what other people saw and felt due to your actions. You will see exactly what you have done, and how much your actions in that previous life has affected others.

This is where Karma comes in. This is when we decide what we still need to learn. We judge what we have done in the past and we decide what we need to make amends for in the future.

Then we choose our next set of parents, we plan our next lives accordingly, then we go back to Earth to carry out the mission we planned for ourselves. We make a contract with the souls of those whom we have previously hurt. Sometimes roles are reversed, and sometimes they are almost exactly the same. The point is, we come back to Earth to try again.

Upper Astral Plane:

Woman in the Stars AstralThe Upper Astral Plane is where all acquired knowledge resides. This is where the temple of wisdom complex can be found. There is also a healing temple of energy there. Often times, when we die, our souls arrive at the temple of healing where we are bathed and all residue of our life is washed away.

However, we do not need to die in order to visit the Healing Temple! We can meditate or astral travel to this place to heal our bodies, even while incarnated in physical form.

Another part of this complex is the tapestry room. It’s huge and goes for miles on one gigantic wall. In the tapestry are many threads, and we each have a thread that depicts our lives. Our threads are intertwined and this is how we are all connected. We are all interwoven and we all affect one another.

Lastly, there is a library. You are met by the guardian and you can ask questions and gain information about anything you want. This library contains all the knowledge of everything that has ever happened, and everything that ever will be. You are able to view and obtain any information you wish.

The Exit Plan

We all choose how we will die. It will sound like a crazy concept to some, but you already planned your death long before you even arrived here. We all planned how we will leave our bodies before we even entered them, be it in an earthquake, a murder, or even just passing on in our sleep.

It’s all part of a plan we made for a reason.


Enlightenng media (this website and team) has a certified twenty year experienced regressiontherapist who uses this method You are welcome for a coaching or healing by clicking on ‘contact’and send a message. A session is 1,5 hours long and can be done worldwide by phone, facebook or whatsapp.


Source: Dolores Cannon website.