Regressiontherapy at Enlightening Coaching

I have practiced regressiontherapy for over twenty years. My father was the first regressiontherapist in Europe, and he wrote thirty books about the topic. My first regression was at age six. I experienced regressions on myself, and still use these techniques, but I also travelled the world for educations in other countries. I am a well experienced therapist, and what is even better is that I am clairvoyant. I can see, feel and fully interact with you, when the session  starts. I see what you feel and see, and that is unique. Even when you cant see, I see them, and we heal those lives.
What we do:
– We make an appointment for a facebook chat or phonecall anywhere around the world.
– I ask you a few questions about your situation
– We start, I bring you in a meditative sphere
 I start healing you from:
– Past Lives
– Aura protection
– Aura cleansing
– House clearing
– Entity removals
° House clearing
° Karma clearing
° Family karma clearing
° Blockages and trauma´s from the youth
° Blockages and trauma´s from relationships
° Soulmate and Twinsoul readings, attracting those or deleting those
° Mission coaching
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