The first time I met my guides and angels


I was a year of seven. And I saw guides around me, while playing with Barbie. I was not alone, and if felt good. I started to communicate with them. It was warm, so loving, light, and unconditional love.

And then, for years they were never off my side.
When I grew older, I lost contact. Untill I got the lyme disease very badly. I went from hospital to hospital, and no one could help me, The doctors said I was dying. I was only twenty seven years old. I broke with my boyfriend, I moved from my house, I got rid of all the friends that have let me down. The good one, I kept. There was a rollercoaster of happenings. Everywhere I went, no one could help me. I couldn’t walk or talk for over a year.
After that my guides showed theirselves again.. They told me what to eat, drink and do, to heal. I listened every day. They told me where to go, I moved, to a great house. They told me and teached me Love. They said I couldnt die, because I had a mission, and once I become A famous coach and writer.

I couldnt believe it! How, where, and when? I started to write every week one article. That was all I could do. After six years of being very ill, I had written six hundred articles, and developed my own company, Enlightening Media & Coaching. It was there, ready.
When I put the articles online, I had 1000 readers after a week, then 2000, up to 10.000. Then my guides let me on internet and told me what to read, and I found supplements and help for lyme. Within a year, my lyme was dissapeared. No traces of.

After a few of launching the website, I got offers from publishers worldwide to spread my articles. 60.000 people read them every month.
My guides and Angels helped me for years, and now it is time to do it also alone. They will always be there.

Do you want to make contact with your guides and angels? I give healngs en coaching for this…

Love Leda