The tricks and tools of ‘The Ego’

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It is about Caring MORE- Applause for your ego who tells you, It is otherwise.

Life is, to care more, love yourself more, and the ones around you. And to forgive those who cause harm and pain. You do not need to agressively open the eyes of the humans who do not want to ‘ see or awaken’. You can only spread ove, wisdom and light to those who are open to receive. It will not and never work to open the eyes of humans who do NOT chose for this. This needs a state of ‘ letting go’, not Care LESS, but ‘ Letting go’ and forgive. Move on, and always stay ‘ open’  for those who do want to return and ‘ awaken’. It is also loving humans, and humanity, for ‘ not wanting to listen or to hear truth’. It is love, to ust ‘ let go’, and to know that they are exactely in the process where they need to be.

The cosmos gives you answers to all your prayers.

Always. It just takes your wisdom and ‘ heart’ to see. Not your ego.

The world has been full of people only thinking about their own needs.
Thinking about ‘ me, me…. me, me, me, me and me’.
That is why the world is one big seperated, divided place, now build on money, ego and greed.
You think you are not part of that. You think that is what you hate.

Friend, is all started by people who thought they were seperated. Who thought you are not ‘ me’. It all started by people who do ot give a s*hit anymore about someone they loved, or about ‘ others’.

How The Ego tricks you every moment

Best example, is the part of ‘ Smeagol’ In Lord of the Rings.

This is the best example how the Ego looks like, and handles.

The ring is shiny, powerfull, beautifull. He is lonely, empty and dark. There is no light inside of him. There is no fullfillment, Joy, life-force or Chi. The soul already has left Smeagol for a long time. All there is left, is an empty body. He lives on the planet, but without a soul. Just an empty package.

Mosthumans live like this. In a zombic state, because of greeve, sickness, parents, school, work etc. We get zombies because of a life on earth without a free will. School, education, work, news that sickness us. We get a few kicks of bad relationships, addictions, stress, you name it. We leave our body. We leave our soul, and our heart. We get empty, slave, sick, or hatefull. This means: The ego can flourish. When the soul, joy and heart aches come, the Ego can Rule. It searches for everything outside of us, that can fullfill this emptyness, where once the soul was. It wants ‘ replacement’. The soul is the most purest and most powerfull tool, of the Human body. It heals. It protects. It does not need anything from outside to feel power, or self-love. The emptyness of Smeaghol, finds fullfillment in ‘ The ring’. He wants to ‘look’  at it, see it glow, feel it, touch it, and he will do anything to keep it. This is what we all do, when Our Ego has stand up. It wants money, a career, a wife as ‘ a label’. Posessions, ‘ have this and that’, ‘ whitout this I am nothing’. Label this, label that, want this in my life and that.

Human emotions are here to be felt

Even when everything falls apart or has left you: It would not matter if your soul is INside you, and feels fullfillment INside. When you feel inside a natural happiness, and a state of ‘ Zen’, there is nthing outside that can destroy this peace. Or can even make you unhappy or scattered, when it is ‘ gone’. Afcourse, yu may love another person so much, or that Dream-job, and when you loose it, you grieve. Sadness, grieve, is normal in our human life. We may fall apart, and we can get ourselves back together again. Human emotions, are there to be ‘ seen’, Not denied. We may feel used, slaves, empowered, empty, sick, depressed, and tired. It means you are ‘ alive’, and you actually Feel these states of emotions. See it, feel it, breath it. Cry. Fall apart. Go talk about it, write about it, yell it, paint it.

After they are felt, they ‘ will go by’. Like a new movie scene. This was the old movie. Today is a new one. Just change the script, friend. It is Your movie, and not someone elses.



Choose in every moment a different Choice

There is a difference of a ‘ choice’ to let the world in and feel overwhelmed, or to set open your heart for some people/ a partner who deserves this. You can be a part of the world and all that is around us… And send out harmony. There is a difference for opening up the gates to care for someone else deeply. Love. You can be yourself, and a part of the world. With borders, rest and peace. Opening up the heart, is a whole different experience. That takes self-love, and taking of walls. Even the most loving person cannot do this for you, you need to do this yourself.

You spread what the world is spreading for thousands of years. The world is changing to a world with one-ness. And this starts by love. By love, and being able to connect… Open the heart for the one who cares. Don’t create more pain by disconnection. Don’t create more pain, by showing you ‘ do not care’. This is they way to more pain.

By the way you live in angreness and hate, without caring and seeing you are one of a billion people with the same heart, the same souls. We just have not cared for each other for thousands of years. What you do is not uniting. What you do is not making me feel loved by you. You gave me the feeling I am seperated from you. I am left out, I felt coldness. I felt like my story does not count. I felt like the cosmos is handing out love and beautiful gifts, and I want to hold them with both hands.

New affirmations

I want to see the light & love in every situation the cosmos brings us.
I want to ask a loved one ‘ How are you’, just by ringing them up. Even when I feel tired or sick. I care.
I keep on caring about people, animals and Gaia. No matter how I feel. Because that is how the world get chaged. I wish to hold you In my arms, and show you my care.

Ego is me, me, me, me

Only the ones who stop with ‘ me, me, me, me, me’, and start being thankfull for the gifts the cosmos give will change the world.
You changed me by tenderess, words of love, words without fear, words without ego. You started losing me with words of coldness ad seperation. That is just, not the language of the heart.

Let us all step into the heart zone, and spreak kindness and words of love.
Do not block persons who care about you, or want to be with you. Be very thankfull that heaven gave this to you: Not many people care. Think twice before you block a beautful soul out of your life. It is only the coldness inside you, that wants to stay cold.

Care so much about yourself , that you grab this cosmic gift with both hands. Spread love. Spread oneness. Hold her in your arms, and just say ‘ it is alright’ That is all she needs. And all you need.

Show the cosmos you are thankfull. You know what present it gave. You were heard.
The cosmos has showed you , how much she cared about you. She gave you answers. It takes your guts and soul- To open the arms and to hold it- In love.

It is self-love to appreciate and to hold what is given to you in love. It is self-love to open up your heart and to connect. It is love, to share this together.

Written by Leda de Zwaan

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* When love enters anywhere in our lives: The ego ‘ is getting’ the biggest monster you ever saw. It sees light! Love=light. Self-love=light. Loving someone else=Love. Let someone enter your heart=light. The ego will go ‘ insane’….  embedded by Embedded Video

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