Unicorn, Cats and Dragon Magical Healings and meditations: Working with guardian angels

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Unicorns and the Moon If you had an incarnation in the Golden Era of Atlantis, and almost everyone reading these words will have done so, you will also have linked into the unicorns on your long soul journey. Until 2015, the unicorns stepped into this Universe through Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius. Many of you have also entered Earth through this planet and will therefore have already connected at a soul level with these pure beings. The third way you may be linked with the unicorns, without even realizing it, is through the Moon. The energy of the Moon has become more powerful in recent years and is flooding our planet with divine feminine light. The unicorns are now entering Earth through this beautiful portal as well as through Sirius. So, if you love the Moon, you will find it easy to meet them.

When you think about Unicorns, your frequency rises and you attune to them. These pure white seventh dimensional ascended horses are touching you as you read this card.They have come to you because you have a soul desire to serve humanity or the planet. Bathe yourself in their energy and they will give you the dignity, confidence, and strength to do what is right. Other people will sense this and respond to it.Unicorns grant wishes to the pure in heart, so ask them to bring something significant to you now.


Cats have a feminine energy so they are relaxed but watchful, graceful and loving. Like all domestic animals they may choose to reincarnate into the same families and people often feel they have a deep connection with them. Cats look after their owners so, while most people think they are taking care of their felines, in fact the cat is protecting them and their home from entities and bad energies. Many of them are healers and offer you healing without you being aware of it. They are very psychic, much more so than most people realise.They come from Orion and have a high degree of enlightenment. In the time of Golden Atlantis every home had a cat, which healed the family while protecting and maintaining the frequency in the household. When the energy of Atlantis started to devolve the first thing the Magi did to try to retrieve the situation was to send to Orion for more cats. However, even this was not enough to halt the downward slide.


How to open your cerebral pathways to transition the negative energies within to positive ways forward:Get paper and pens and find some some time alone. On your paper draw a circle and divide it into two. On the left hand side write all the patterns you want to change this year. Be honest with yourself. If you are behaving defensively or out of fear, only you can change it. The left hand side of the circle represents the left hemisphere of the brain. The logical thinking side. Use this to be real about your short comings and the things you need to change.On the right hand side write all the things you want to bring into your life this year, so you can shine beautiful and be in your power. When we take full responsibility for who we can be, we can transform our lives. The right hand side of the circle represents the right hand side of the brain. The creative, imaginative side. Activate this side of your brain by imagining all the amazing things you can do this year.Decorate your circle, then cut it out and pin it up somewhere you can honour it and make it all happen.

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If you have not yet met your Guardian Angel you will have an opportunity to do so. If you already know your Guardian you will connect more closely. You will learn:- What your Guardian Angel can do for you.- How you can work together.- How to ask your angel to look after your loved ones.- You will experience powerful visualizations with your angel- To transform a relationship or situation.- To receive healing from your Guardian Angel.- To meet the Angel of your home or workplace.- Find the peace, love and safety of connecting with your celestial helper. This is what I can do In a regressiontherapy consult. After this, the contact remains.

Angel of Protection

Your guardian angel will keep you safe on a day-to-day basis. However if you need extra protection, for example if you are out on your bicycle, walking through a city centre or practising a dangerous sport, call on Archangel Michael or his angels of protection. When you see bright blue radiating round the edge of an Orb it is your sign that Archangel Michael’s energy is there guarding you. Quite often Archangel Michael sends one of his angels to merge with another kind of angel and you will recognise this because of the blue colour. Be careful not to confuse it with Kumeka’s energy which is a similar blue. The Orbs of angels of protection are milky white, rather similar to guardian angels, and have no blue tinge.


We will be looking at special Archangel Orbs that have appeared in recent years to accelerate your ascension. These Orbs are portals and messengers and enable you to connect to the Archangels in charge of the development of the higher chakras. They are both fascinating and awesome. We will do visualisations and exercises with them so that you can access their powerful energies. Be prepared to raise your frequency rapidly. I can teach you how to feel and see orbs, and how to heal with them.


Clearance and TransmutationIf anyone in your house or work space is upset or angry, it leaves a negative energy there. Passive anger, jealousy, sulking, grief or lower thoughts affect the feeling of a building. If you are having an event in your home or any other building it is a good idea to cleanse and clear the space beforehand. If there is to be a spiritual meeting, clearance is an important part of your preparation. When you ask them, the angels will arrive to help you. If you take a few minutes before an event to cleanse the room and call in the angels it makes a phenomenal difference to the feeling of the space. Even the most insensitive people are aware of the change in atmosphere and, of course, the work that you do is much more powerful. Once I arrived early at a hall where I was doing a workshop. The energy felt sticky and clammy and not really suitable for a spiritual event. I went round with joss sticks and a singing bowl, then sat in the middle of the empty space and invoked Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. One of the helpers had come into the back of the hall and at that moment said in a loud clear voice. ‘Wow! Here come the big boys!’ She had felt them whooshing into the room.

Unicorn healing and release of karmic wounds

If you are blocked because of a soul wound from this life or any other, you may like to do this exercise. Connect with your unicorn.Ask it to give you the healing you need. ‘Beloved Unicorn, I ask you to pour your light into me, healing me physically, emotionally, mentally and at a deep soul level. I am ready to receive.’Your unicorn bends its head and touches your heart with its horn of light. The seventh dimensional energy is pouring through your physical, emotional and mental body. It is touching your soul now. Breathe in the shimmering white light and feel it flowing through you. Your fifth dimensional merkabah is lighting up like a glittering star around you.Ask your unicorn to heal any karmic wounds you may have from this or any other life. ‘Beloved Unicorn, I pray for the healing of any karmic wounds I may carry consciously or unconsciously. It is done.’ Feel the shower of light streaming over and through you.Ask your unicorn to heal any family karmic wounds you may have from this or any other life. ‘Beloved Unicorn, I pray for the healing of any karmic wounds within my family that we may carry consciously or unconsciously. It is done.’ Feel the shower of light streaming over and through you and your family including your ancestors.Ask your unicorn to heal any karmic wounds that your country may hold from recent times or ancient history. ‘Beloved Unicorn, I pray for the healing of any karmic wounds within my country. It is done.’ Visualise the shower of light streaming over and through your entire country, deep into the land itself.Thank your unicorn for all you have received.

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