Vaccines. Ascension. Transmission.

If you ask your grandma how many autistic kids were around in her day in age she would tell you not that many. In recent times autism has spiked.
When a child is born he or she is pumped with vaccines out of the womb. During their growth from 1 year to 2 year to 3 year and so on pumped with more vaccines. What is this doing to their natural human biology? I have seen countless and I mean countless stories, articles, videos, and in person interviews with people who have vaccine injured children or has lost their child to a vaccine. The child would have been alive if it were not for the chemicals in the vaccine. I do not agree with pumping 20 to 30 vaccines into a child. The worst part is these vaccines companies are protected from lawsuits. This is criminal. If today’s vaccines worked so well why are they so afraid about accountability? They should stand by their product if it actually kept us healthy. Many doctors and nursese who work for the system are not even well educated on what is in the vaccines only to administrator.
Children are born pure of light untainted by the world with a perfect immune system. Yet the attack on the human biology that has been going on for many many many many years even before you were born and have broken down the fundamental workings of the human vessel. When the mother is sick the baby tends to be sick then also pumped with vaccines. This is not good. We need to be healthy and well in order to reproduce. Yet the sperm count of men has been declining. Woman becoming sterile. Do the math.
GMO’s aren’t natural from God’s Garden. It is chemical food that the body rejects as it is a foreign invader to the body. Even vegan plant based burgers have GMO chemicals in them. I have heard of people living to 120 to 150+ in parts of the world. They eat good natural food, have a positive mindset, get sun and take walks, and do not stress. The American diet is a joke riddled with fried foods, hot dogs, gluten, processed foods, and even fluoride in many major beers and wines as well as toothpaste and various city water supply lines. Not to mention alcohol lowers our vibration making holes in our aura if abused as well as hard drugs.
The stress of the cities adds to the shortening of life. The more we stress the more the body struggles. Stress needs to be eliminated. Why is it that life is so hard? Why is it so hard to find a job at times and why is everything so damn expensive. Why so much taxes and there’s still pot holes in the street the size of a swimming pool. Yet Roman build roads are still intact till this day using cutting edge masonry and no pot holes. We work and work till our feet hurt just to “makes ends meet.” This is the evolved workings of intelligent species? It sounds like insanity to me. Working so much for so little. This is how your controllers have been controlling you and they say “oh that’s just life deal with it.” Many are tired and enough is enough. We need more compassion for one another and realize we are in the same boat. Power to the people. We need love. We need truth. Wake up.
Broken families going through courts is not fun. What happened to the family unit? Good morals and values. Yet many inner city kids look up to mumble rappers mimicking their every move and idea of what life is like with their limited viewpoint perspective of living in vanity and not in touch with their soul within. Where is the integrity? The respect? The compassion? The love?
Humans. Stop fighting. And explore the universe. Limited thinking will not get you far. Limited feeling will not get you far. You must open up and expand your horizons and realize you can take control anytime by the power of your intention and creation abilities of manifestation of the flow of life around you. This is wisdom that has been kept from you humanity. Not able to find oneself and feeling lost in this world seems to common with many people looking for answers. The answers are here. On many levels. We of the higher realms relay messages to Earth through messengers. Have you been listening? It is your choice humanity to go where you want to go. As you have free will. And many are choosing to live in love and peace because they have had enough of not being in their power. You must raise your frequency and regain your power back humanity. You must learn about energy and the wisdom of the soul.
The hearts of humanity are activating more so then ever. The masses are realizing that they have been duped for a long time and are rising up into their power. Power to the people. Because the time of controlling ways is over. Compassion and empathy will hit the hearts of humanity. This Earth needs to cry. And meditate. And balance the hormonal instances of the birthing of a New Earth Vibration into the higher dimensions of existence here.
The universe is composed of many beings, many races, and many worlds. The nature of many beings up there will boggle the human mind as it is a lot of information to retain. Yet in simple terms. The universe is a huge experience playground where you jump from one adventure to the next. Some experiences are scary. Some are blissful and beautiful. Spirit sees all. The One sees all. Permeates through all. Polarity in order to experience and learn and assist. The reality you are in is way different to the realities in the higher realms. Humanity is now getting a glimpse of this. The wisdom of the third eye should be in every school across the world as it is our innate amazing abilities that allow more information and communication to come through. More light to come through. More connection instead of disconnection to God.
These Covid vaccines are not natural and contain nasty things in them. There are literally boardroom meetings with men in suits who speak about how they can inject the human vessel with certain substances to disconnect them from feeling God. To disconnect them from their spiritually. To their soul.
You have the power to heal your body from many illnesses. Good food. Good intentions. Prayer. Grounding. Meditation. Does wonders. Not chemicals that are in vaccines. Especially when the flu shot and various other vaccines are making kids and people sick and even to the point of death.
Now that humanity is awake more then ever with a 51% light quota on Earth they are pushing this vaccine hard for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate. So they need to pump fear 24/7 through the controlled mass media to sell the narrative. If you notice non of it makes sense. One day officials say masks work and they next day say they don’t work. It is meant to confuse you. God wants you to have clarity. If you choose. Ask and you shall receive.
On a higher level of the understanding of reality. Humanity needs to learn how to transcend old belief systems that bog them down. For example why is it that some people can walk on fire without them getting hurt? It is because they are transcending limited thinking. And when this is done things become calmer and lighter. Once I seen this man rescue a another man who was pinned under a helicopter from a helicopter crash. The man that did the rescuing literally lifted the helicopter from the side just enough so that the man under can get out. This is the power we have. In that moment he used all his will power and believed that he can lift it and he did. When we transcend fear anything is possible. Who taught you to be a boring lifeless adult? Forgot to have fun? The more you stress about you age the older you look. Feel young look young. Understand? The power of our being is grand. Now apply this to the idea of germs and virus. What if with the power of our belief we are immune to germs and such? What happens when we are not afraid? Don’t you remember? We are here to remind you of your magic. Rise up and transcend all limitations as your soul is Divine and Eternal.
Bible stories are meant to show you that miracles can happen when in the right vibration. Jesus walking on water is because he transcended the denseness of this place. The wisdom of unprogramming your mind and reprogramming. The problem is we have been taught to fear everything. Fear bogs you down. Love raises you up. Constant fear is not good and is no way to live. Turn off the fearful news and realize that you have the power to heal. Start searching within where your true power is. As when you shift your belief system your reality shifts.
The Earth moving through the photon belt. Our DNA is upgrading from 2 to 12 fully activated strands. Children of the Stars are here in the flesh. The wisdom of the shift of the ages. Masculine and Feminine healing and balancing. The changing of the poles on Earth. The activation of the human heart into Christ Consciousness is here and now as the Divine Plan was never meant to fail. Earth has much assistance from the higher realms in liberating this plane of existence from a “nightmare” to a “beautiful dream.” The 5th Dimension and above is now accessible. You will only understand this more when you raise your vibration and feel the difference.
Stop Fearing. Start Loving. You are being looked after by God.
This is a message from the higher realms. Transmission Complete.
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Copyright Felix Diaz Jr.