What means a healing at Enlightening Media?

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What does a healing with me means?

First i start to ask your guides and angels what i can do for you. Then I start asking myself what i see and feel. Then we start the session. I tune into you, and i look at the aura. I clean things from past lives, holes in the aura and other things that dont belong there.
Then after that we start with the questions you have. I am clairvoyant as hell, so i see the answers. I start a mixture of regression therapie, medium and coach.

You can come for instance for this things:

  • inner child healing
  • traumas from childhood and relationships
    -. Traumas and light regression of past lives
  • attracting a partner
  • twinsoul attracting or healing
  • additions
  • depression, and not grounded
  • we ground and ask your soul back
  • psychoses
  • children who are hsp/add or indigo
  • courses from this live or past lives
  • familykarma and bloodline healing
    _ i am learning you protection techniques
  • job coaching
  • mission coaching
  • advice for food and supplements and nutrition
  • suicidal feelings
  • i higher up your vibration by strong energy healings
  • organ and cell and dna clearings.

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