Why we all should live from our Heart Chakra

Many of our spritual seekers, already have read of heard that our heart-chakra is the base of a blooming soul. A fullfilling life, and will heal all our relationships and behaviours.
This is Truth. But, what nobody tells you: How? And when Am I living by the heart, and am I ready for this?
The heart-chakra knows many pains. It has deep waters, and walls around it. In time, even past-lives, and this current life., It was brused, wounded, cursed, littered, torn, and stabbed. In every relationship we had, even from our childhood, we have had heart-pains. The heart creates these walls, so thick as iron, to protect us from more harm. In the end, it even closes the door.
First, to be able to be in the Heart-centre, we need to get rid of all the rubbish, and past-lives pain, the pains of this life. This can take a session up to 2 hours. Or more.
Finally you need to get centered in this clean heart, and pull your soul into it, and then a glowing light, that has more power then whatever chakra or light you know. It illuminates your eyes, your body, your soul, your mind, your spirit.
The soul, connected to the heart. Divine light from the crown chakra to the heart, and from Gaia, mother earth: Golden light that comes through our feet, into our base chakra and then to our heart-chakra.
This all connected is living from the heart. This is also a 5d form, not 3D.
You feel unconditional love, for all creations and beings on the planet. You see humans as your brothers and sisters, and you feel ‘Oe are all one’. You feel unity, not diversity. You act en speak love and light, you see everything as whole. You are light and Love.
The heart chakra brings our ultimate bliss, and this is when you are at your strongest, your best, your potential.
By Leda de Zwaan
Heart meditations and clean-up sessions
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