You made a conscious sacred choice to be here at this time on Earth

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You made a conscious sacred choice to be here at this time on Earth.

Yes, you did. It is important for you to claim this Truth about yourself and your life. As you choose consciously to accept the choice you have made to be here it allows the wheels to turn forward, and aligning you more to your task, your mission.
Yes, you do have a mission here, and part of that mission involves taking responsibility for a series of pre-agreements you made to be here now.
By consciously claiming this sacred choice you are choosing to remember. You choose to consciously witness the 3rd dimensional illusion on planet Earth, which is fully connected to the ego mind, and to consciously move towards a 4th/5th/6th dimensional experience, which aligns you fully
to your Sacred Heart.

You take responsibility for your role on this Earth plane by choosing to be connected to each moment and to witness the truth of each experience through your Sacred Heart. As you align to your Sacred Heart, an energetic expansion occurs, which brings about a transformation within the cells of your body. This enables a ‘new dawning’ energy to awaken within you, this ‘new dawning’ energy is your own Sacred divine signature. This essence of yourself begins to birth through the cells of your body re-aligning you back to a re-union and remembrance to Universal Truth.

With each chosen moment, you take another step towards your Self- awakening. This is a step-by-step process through conscious choice.As you choose to know the Truth, understanding and knowledge will be revealed to you.
Each one of us chooses our own moment to open to this Truth through our Sacred Heart.
Conscious choice… to be… in the moment.

Learning to use your conscious breath will support in your daily life and help you open up to receive from the Universe.
How to use conscious breath:
* This conscious breath is done by breathing in and out through the mouth. Try taking a deep breath in through your mouth and then just let go of the out breath. Repeat the breath several times without controlling it. Just allow it to flow in and out of you. 

* It’s okay to allow a sound to come with the out breath, even a small sigh as you are letting go of the breath. 

* The conscious breath says “Yes, I am willing to let go. Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” 

* This allows you to begin to consciously birth your self to extended levels of consciousness, breath by breath. 
Use this breath once an hour during the course of your day. 

It is important to take responsibility for what you have created in your life and to understand the role you have played in creating your experiences, both consciously and unconsciously.
You are not a victim. You call forth all of your experiences for a reason. Understanding, acknowledging, and owning your own creation is necessary in order to move forward.
You can start by cultivating an attitude, a willingness to meet each experience with the understanding that it was your own decisions that brought you to this moment. The key to liberation is to own your own creation.

In other words, be willing to explore what is within the experience that you created in order for you to feel and to learn. Allow the feelings that come, they don’t have to make sense. You only have to know that they are leaving the body, as let them flow like a river through you.

Once you have received the teaching of the experience, then you are able to move forward and start manifesting a new experience for your self. Remember you have free will, meaning you can choose to do things differently with the understanding that you can consciously participate in co-creating your life.
Accept responsibility for your life, for your creations—your choices and your experiences—as you consciously manifest life through your Sacred Heart.

You can only create your heart’s desire through your connection to your Sacred Heart. Only by connecting to your heart can you birth your heart’s desire. The time is now to start to live heaven here on earth.

Take responsibility for the assistance provided by the Spiritual realms:

Recognize that you are a being with free will and you must give your permission for this support. The Spiritual realms cannot enter your energetic field without this permission from you.
Acknowledge that you have a right to choose whether or not to be assisted by the Spiritual realms, at any given moment.
Know that you always have the right to change your mind
Consciously open to receive the support, help and assistance that come to you in each moment – in whatever form it takes.
Know that a pre-agreements that you have made with the Spiritual realms and the Archangels need to be activated by you. Activation is done by you giving them permission to work with you on specific projects and for support in your life. It is very important that we now start honoring these pre-agreements.

All truth emerges through your Sacred Heart, and it is through the Sacred Heart that you can birth this truth of alignment within your Spiritual Being.
How do you do this?

You hold your heart with your hand, feel the warmth or pressure of your hand while you bring your full conscious awareness to your heart, and then take a conscious breath. As you do this you claim your heart: “this is my heart”.

This begins to create an activation of your Sacred Heart. When you do this for just one moment, an opening occurs. One moment a day creates an accumulative effect, and you begin to transform as you birth your own heart.

As your heart transforms, old blockages start to clear, and an awakening light begins to birth through your Sacred Heart. All light emerges through your Sacred Heart. It is a natural receiving station that allows you to receive your light, and to receive abundance from the Universe.

For this process of claiming your heart you need to be in a ‘state’ of receivership’. Once you start activating your Sacred Heart you are going to begin to experience the feelings that have been held there. As you release them, you open to the messages, to the clarity that has been stored behind these blocks. There are unlimited gifts that come through with this connection to your Sacred heart and you are being asked to actively receive them.
As you re-align with your Sacred Heart you move into a place of self-healing. A new essence is birthed through the cells in your heart which is then transmitted to all the cells in your body.
It is through your the Sacred Heart that you can experience the divine connection to all life force within the universe. Claiming your Sacred Heart brings you back into a place of empowerment on many levels

The birth of a crystalline structure takes place between the cells in the heart, creating a new electrical wiring, that enables you to access a level of frequencies that make communication possible with the higher levels of consciousness. As you re-align to this Universal truth, an understanding and knowledge of the Universal laws begin to filter through to you, bringing to you a greater clarity

Your Sacred Heart space encompasses your whole chest area. Let go and allow the birthing of your Sacred Heart.
* Place both hands flat on your chest. Feel the warmth and pressure of your hands, and bring your conscious awareness there. Take a conscious breath in and out through your mouth 

* Maintain your awareness of the Sacred Heart space beneath your hands. Let go and continue to use your conscious breath. As you feel your Sacred Heart space opening up, continue to let go, using your conscious breath to carry you deeper and deeper into this space – your Sacred Heart 

* Each time you do this you are consciously aligning to your Sacred Heart connection, which is 4th/5th/6th dimensional, and moving away from your ego mind, which is 3rd dimensional in nature. 

* Work with this process daily, gradually expanding this space and further opening your Sacred Heart. Be aware that this process can assist you in your daily life. When you are faced with a decision and do not have clarity about the next step, simply align with your Sacred Heart – place “the choice” in your awareness or consciousness – if the idea gets stronger you know it is a ‘yes. If the idea gets weaker or fades you know this is a ‘no.’

Our mission in this lifetime is the self-resurrection of our humanness and the conscious reconnection to our natural spiritual natures. In order for each one of us to move into our enlightenment process we need to resurrect our relationship to our selves. Moving from a 3rd dimensional relationship of self-condemnation, to a 4th/5th dimension state of love, compassion and patience.
You can take your relationship to your human self to another level of self-love by moving into a place of self-forgiveness through understanding and
honoring your human vulnerability.

The process of self-devotion is a deeply introspective one that requires you
to be willing to explore your human vulnerabilities. You need to be willing to feel. As you open to a deeper understanding of your self, the relationship you have to your human self can change, enabling you to hold your self with more and more love and compassion. Each moment you take to open up to yourself and hold yourself in love there is a breaking down of the barriers of separation within you.

In that one moment every cell in your body transforms and you are never the same again, you actually move yourself away from an old pattern within you.

As you end the internal war of separation within your self, a natural re-union begins to take place between you and your spiritual aspect of Self.

Understand that you have come here to have a series of experiences in order to learn. Honor yourself for the journey that you have created in this lifetime, and for having the courage to live out your experiences, doing the best that you can in each moment.
Let go and hold each and every one of your experiences as Sacred.
Remember – you are a ‘perfectly
imperfect’ being. You are human, and this is a step-by-step resurrection process that will enable you to accelerate your enlightenment process.

Fear is one of the greatest illusions on this 3rd dimensional planet.
Take action and move forward on your path by allowing fear to be beside you as you step forward:
* Recognize when ‘fear’ is present within you as you face a decision or action. 

* Feel the fear and do it anyway, acknowledge that fear is just a feeling that cannot hurt you. 

* Know that regardless of what actions you take, the fear will still be there, so it’s important to not let the fear stop you. 

* Use your fear as an indicator of the importance of the action you are taking; the bigger the fear the greater the significance of the step you are taking. 

* Reprogram your response to fear by changing your internal reaction to it. Choose to move from seeing fear as a red light that tells you to stop your movement, and start seeing fear as a green light that tells you to go, to consciously take that step forward, trusting that it will bring you closer to your own reconnection with your Self. 

You are a part of a divine consciousness. You and the life force that exists everywhere in the Universe are interconnected.
Treat each human being with conscious action, including your self.
Each person chooses the experience they have in each moment. You have a right to your experience. Everyone around you has a right to their experience.
Your role is to act as a witness for others. However, you are not responsible for any one else’s experience.
You can only hold a space of love for each person, understanding that they too choose their own moments to unfold.

Consciously participate in working with the Spiritual realms on a daily basis:
* Commit to spending time each day communicating with the Spiritual realms about your detailed needs for that day. Mornings are the best time for this as it sets the energy for you and Spirit to move through your day together with the same goals.
* Be specific with your needs, as well as the areas in which you are asking for support.
* Be willing to receive the support that is given, especially when that support presents itself differently than your ego mind had expected.
* Consciously open to receive, through your Sacred Heart, the messages and signs that are sent to you from the Spiritual realms.
* You can trust your intuition.

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