New Energy Report 2019

New Energy report 2019
The new energy of 2019 is the one of: Rising of the feniks. The feniks is a huge mystical creature that waits to come out..
It is the year that everything falls away that no longer serves us.
It can be you feel depressed, sleep louzy, cry a lot, and have much physical pains. But they go off and on. They are there and the next hour they go away, There is much to do in the family sphere. So family can fall away, you may be feel the urge to work away family-karma. Your relationships are under fire, you see the masks and the untruths, and you want to stand in light and truth. Many of you may feel alone, but as people fall away, you get new friends and family.
You feel like leaving your work or home, because it no longer serves the good in You. You want to feel free. You want to shine.
You no longer can or be in the System. You hate the system and all the bills coming in, and the prisonship of the system.
You want to get out of there, and maybe start your own company, or retire.
You become more free of all the prisonships holding you down. Stay strong. Breathe, meditate, cut cords, live a healthy lifestyle, shower, take good care of yourself and your home ,sleep early or long, and go with the flow. The new energy makes you stronger, lighter, is cleansing everything, and after the cleanse you feel like a God or Godess. Your feniks will arise soon from the mud.
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Much love,
Leda de Zwaan
New Energy report 2019