Living in the ego fase in your spiritual bubble

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To the ones who live in a spiritual bubble

You are just beginning to understand your development in a spiritual regime. I call it kinder garden spirituality. You live in a spiritual bubble and this is the spiritual ego fase. You are the priest living in a tower and looking down at the people outside. Everything is about your spiritual development. You hardly think about the consequence to other people. It is me, me, me and my spiritual life. You push people away, you change your diet, you read books and start maybe with meditating. You learn how to higher your vibration. You understand you have a pain body and an ego and a soul. You are trying to become a new person. You are just playing with yourself and sometimes deep. Then you see your shadowsides. In this process you might hurt the people who love you by pushing them away. Have you thought of the pain people have when you start criticizing them? That this hurts? Is it about you or do you still care what they feel when you are in that bubble or is it all about you and your new spiritual life? Do you live from the heart and soul or ego? Ego lets you criticize others. It means you criticize yourself! Do you find the other not perfect? Then you have issues with yourself trying to be perfect. Do you have wounds and pain? Be carefully that you cause others pain because you suffer! You are not your ego. You are your soul. And the soul is always happy and loving and does not critisize or hurt another being.

By Leda de zwaan
Healer, coach and journalist