Protection and Cleaning off our Aura: Guidance, Healing and Coaching

Protection of our Aura
This is how a protected, and clean aura looks like. We all have an aura and a chakra-system. If it is not clean, we feel sick and depressed and disturbed. The natural aura protection, gets ‘open’, and we get sick.
It opens for many reasons, as we grow older it gets more dirty and ill. To get this protection back, and to heal and clean the aura, it takes a good healer, and a strong mind that wants to Heal again. I give Aura clean-ups, and coaching how to protect the aura in the future. Please contact me, if you wantt o heal and clear your aura. I would love to assist you, and you are very welcome.
This is an example of a higly, perfectly protected Aura. Which is the natural state of what we should be, when we are not disturbed in our Aura Field.
This is how SelfMasters look like, when they are protected. On top of their energy. This is a example for those, who have mastered their energy.
A picture of many bodies with aura´s in the middle of the city. See how many energies are going on, when we meet other people, wherever we are. We get easily sick from another person´s aura, when we absorb energies when we are not protected.