Starseeds are Empaths

Girl watching the stars. Stars are digital illustration.
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Almost every starseed I’ve ever met is an empath.

And almost every starseed at the beginning of their journey has troubles with this ability because they are not fully in their power yet.

It can be overwhelming, painful, heavy.

It might feel like the only place you can have peace is in total isolation from people.

You might feel it’s totally out of your control and you have to endure it as a curse.

And you can be an absolute magnet to narcissists.

And that’s the point I wanted to address.

💥There are 3 main things at play here.💥

👉First, it’s important to understand that you attract narcissists because your empathic ability is overactive.

You literally want to save everyone.

It’s written on your forehead “come to me, I want to heal you, I want to take your pain away”.

I’ve been in that space and I’ve attracted a crazy amount of wounded people in my life who didn’t want to heal themselves. They wanted someone to save them.

It was absolutely draining.

So in order to gain control over this, you need to allow yourself to see where your saviour complex comes from and heal that part of your being.

By doing that, you’ll still be open to help people but you won’t be obsessed about it and you will respect your own boundaries.

👉The second important thing to understand is that we attract narcissists when we have a broken relationship with ourself.

When you don’t love yourself, you’ll eagerly sacrifice yourself for others and do crazy things for them.

And that’s what a narcissist needs the most.

When you heal the part of yourself that sees you as unlovable, you’ll break that pattern.

👉And finally, the third important thing to address is your way of seeing narcissists.

A lot of people who have been in a relationship with a narcissist see them as evil, self-centered jerks who only know how to manipulate others for their gain.

Who prey on those who are loving and helping others.

This is not true.

Narcissists are deeply wounded people. They’re very often the abused children who were unloved, who had their heart ripped off their chest by people who were supposed to love them, who were raised without any sense of inner validation or self-worth.

They hate themselves and their life more than anything but they’ll never admit it.

And they compensate for that inner pain by making other people suffer.

Their wounds don’t allow them to see how to do it any other way.

When you start seeing them that way, you will extend compassion to them and release hate, grudge and victimhood from your heart.

And if you’re still in a relationship, you’ll be able to let them know that you understand they are in pain.

That you see through their mask of arrogance and self-centeredness.

But love yourself enough to withdraw from them no matter how hard it might feel.

(I’ve been in such a relationship once and I had serious withdrawal symptoms once I was out. So I know it might feel very hard).

💜It’s not your job to heal them or stick around them in hopes that your love will cure them.💜

They’ll need to want to heal on their own.

Your job is to be open to help those who really need you.

And I know that meeting a narcissist can leave you scared to help others again.

When you address all the 3 points I’ve mentioned, you won’t be afraid that you’ll be an easy prey for narcissist abuse anymore because your relationship with yourself will be solid.

And your empath ability in check.

And you’ll stop attracting them into your life.

And if your paths cross one day, you’ll be fully in your power to deal with them in the way that serves everyone’s good.

And you’ll see what an amazing gift empathy really is!

Here’s to stepping into your power!

Much love, healing and support


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