Starseeds healing and coaching

Starseeds are people who´s original soul is coming from another planet. You were first incarnating on another planet, and you have a whole soulfamily there that love you. There is a reason you came to earth. Starseeds often have depressions, are hyper sensitve to alost everything, they cannot stand injustice, and they are very empathic. They do not understand all the pain and hurt in the world, and feel lonely here with most people.

I have a coaching and healing programme for starseeds, I give together with you, insights in why you were born, what your mission is, who your soulfamily is, and meet them. I put you back in your power, and heal your pains, trauma´s, depression and loneliness, after a session you feel at home on earth, you can better ground on earth, feel more light, feel more happiness, and you learn what your mission is. I leave you well protected and stronger. We also make you less sensitive, and I give you tips in how to deal with life and your original home planet.

I do this for over twenty years.

May be an image of text that says "seed coa apy and heal lso for empaths HSP's For more information please check my website By Leda de Twenty experience."

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