Waking up and Loneliness

Waking up

Awakening, enlightening goes with lost, grieve, depression and loneliness. It is not a heaven that opens up, or we made a shift to 5d just like that. You loose friends, family and much more by awakening. You feel sad and lonely, but look out for more awakened friends to level up, and stay close to your soul  I am with you brother and sister.

Feeling lonely

In the middle of a room with people, you feel alone. In a relationship uou feel alone, at work you feel alone, at night you feel alone, Darling, I had the same feeling for years. Untill I started my awakening, and enlightenment. I started to meditate, eat healthy, and I started contact with angels and guides. I never felt alone anymore, I was alone at my house for months, looking at great masters their youtube movies, and listening healing music. I started the journey, and now I become free. I never felt alone again. I quit the job, I quit the friends that made me feel lonely and quit my own behaviour that made me lonely, You can do this too!

Depression is something from inside and outside. Inside, it is a demon that needs to be battled. You forgot your own light and source, when you are connected to source and mother earth, and with your angels and guides there is light,.Not a deppresion.There is an energy inside you that is looking for your inner god or godess. You need the connection back with the other world. And inside, fill yourself with light again in meditation
You can also get a depression from the outside world. What world do we live in, with so many lies, unfairness, pain ,and unlovingness. The news, the neighbours, the people on your work, your family, your partner, all factors that make you feel depressed. So then cut cords with all the persons, de-attach and move on.
I did this too, you can do that! Move on with good people., surround yourselves with it, on the same level, and move on. Your life did not end, you finally understood it, and re-build a life where is no depression. Waking up is hard, but a great journey to start.

Leda de Zwaan