What happens when you are in contact with beings of other planets?

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Benefits of CE-6 Contact

There are many benefits to not only becoming aware of your ET counterparts and raising your frequency to connect with them, here is a list of them I have discovered thus far:

You go beyond linear space-time in your perception – how can you believe that time is linear when you have the experience of your past or future self standing before you? This experience liberates you from the illusory shackles of time.

You become more integrated with your own higher self – the higher self is beyond the linear, space-time framework of the physical realm. When you transcend your physicality via meditation to connect with these energies, you do so as your higher self, not your limited, 3D personality. Thus, when you come back down into the body, you are naturally more in tune with the intuitive wisdom of your true self.

Your health and well-being can improve on all levels – because these civilisations exist on a much higher frequency than humans, we must raise our frequency to connect with them. Upon raising your vibration consistently, you experience what Dr Joe Dispenza has termed as elevated emotions. When we experience, love, joy, compassion and true inner peace, we naturally activate many of the self-healing mechanisms built within the physical body. This self-regulates one’s gene expression, which signals the genes to begin to create proteins that are robust enough to begin to restore and repair the body.

Your self-awareness is enhanced – the higher you vibrate, the more of the unconscious residue of your past experiences become apparent inside of you. This gives you an opportunity to integrate your shadow so that you can emancipate yourself from the limitations the illusions of the past inflict upon your consciousness.

You become more of a clear channel for divine wisdom and inspiration – when you raise your frequency, you become less self-involved, which in turn, enables one to get out of their own way so that various levels of multidimensional information and wisdom can channel through the conduit of your being. You can receive innovative downloads and insights that you can share to help speed up the evolution of society.

You align with your tribe – connecting to these energies can also have a direct impact on your relationships. This is because when you endeavour to raise your frequency consistently to meet these energies halfway up the vibrational scale, you begin to see changes in the outer realm that mirror the changes you’ve made within your consciousness. One of these changes is the kind of people you begin to attract into your orbit. Those who are no longer a vibratory match to your new state will begin to leave your life, which in turn will make space for new connections to emerge, that are more aligned with your present state. This experience attracts unto one their tribe.

You become more anchored in the here and now – your innate timelessness can only be experienced in the here and now. The more you raise your frequency, the easier you’ll be able to embrace the present without resistance.

Your senses expand – the more you raise your frequency, then the more of the nonphysical energies that are always around you that your physical senses will begin to perceive. Connecting to these energies can boost your psychic senses. You begin to see orbs, flashes of light, hear disembodied or nonphysical voices, for example.

My Starseed readings aren’t just readings, but a tool for contact with your otherworldly selves. Above is a list of the benefits of becoming conscious of and reconnecting to other fragments of your soul collectill Ccontact me directly for more information about my service.