When you finallly meet each others Dark side in relationships

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When you finallly meet each others Dark side in relationships.

In relationships, the first months is an attraction of all the simularities between you two. You fall in love with all the positive character sides you you have, and meet in your Lover.
After a few months, you meet the dark side in Yourself and the Other.
It gets reflection and mirroring of your own dark sides.
Now, it’s gaming time. It is a living Stratego. A living Chess play.
You meet the Other one in darkness. You get mad by the other one’s behaviour, you get angry about the other ones dark sides.


Reflect it back to you, and stay calm. Stay Sereen.
This is the time you have to do spiritual clean-ups, healing and your own coaching, or find a coach who can help you.
To purify your Dark sides, by reflecting all the dark sides of your lover. It can be a time for a short break up, the magnets will pull her or him back to You, always. Believe in it, trust the process. Stand strong and love yourself even more.

Here is a short lecture on this topic, with an explanation and sollutions for this matter.






By Leda de Zwaan.