Why becoming 5d is so important. Dont stick in 3d!

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This message will be very difficult for many to accept, but it’s important to discern it without fear: The apocalypse and the age of Aquarius have begun. Over the next decade the world will be devastated. 3rd dimensional conscious humans will perish due to wars, disease and natural disasters–regardless of religion. 4th dimensional humans–with heart–will have the opportunity to elevate to the 5th dimension and proceed to New Earth. Earth will become a 5d planet once enough humans awaken to the 5th dimension–paradise. In addition, Christ returned but has chosen to go public through the

144k–this may take a few years to be accepted mainstream. He will be using apocalyptic events to awaken 4th dimensional humans to the 5th–you will be shaken to the core. “There will be gnashing of the teeth.” This is real. I’ve been in training with Christ, directly, everyday, for 28 months now, meditating 20-60hrs a week, and I have been shaken to the core repeatedly! Furthermore, the world revolution has begun. In the next few years, humanity will be enraged in to war, both civil and internationally–and eventually even aliens will reveal themselves, too (some should be revered as Angels). A.I. is coming… There will be chaos. At some point, the economy will shut down and local farming will begin. There will be many triggers to fight. Do not engage in to warring with your brother, or else you may not survive either. Internalize with faith to find peace. Instructions for 4th dimensional humans: The atmosphere is filling with higher frequencies for you to tune in to ascend–the “rapture” is your ascension to 5d. Raise your emotional energy and let your heart overflow with Divine Love. Then, focus on these energies to amplify them. Diet, meditation, and exercise is also extremely important in elevating your frequency and balancing yin/yang energies–I use a yin/yang diet chart online. It’s not necessary to eat vegan, but stop drinking soda and store coffee made with tap water (flouride). I recommend using spring water. Let your food be your medicine. You need to raise your energy to go 5d, and you can’t proceed to New Earth unless you become 5d, so make it a priority. Becoming 5th dimensional: The goal is to shift your whole body frequency to the same frequency as your heart–this turns on your Light. You’ll need to become very conscious to do this. You’ll know when you’re becoming 5th dimensional when your vision blurs to the same high blissful frequency you’re resonating. The experience is very similar to lsd and mushrooms. You will have to strive with your intentions to feel the spaces in between your awareness. Christ trained me to use t.h.c., first thing in the morning, with meditation. It works. Lastly, it’s important to maintain an eternal perspective. Most 3rd dimensional humans will reincarnate on to another earth type planet, consistent with their frequency, to continue their journey back to Source. This message is a real warning to prompt you to prioritize becoming 5d. I hope you can hear it. Namaste